Sport Fuel are a young and dynamic company. We love the sport and so we’ve designed these energy bars with much love and care.

We know how important it is to enhance sports performance and provide your body with energy during physical activity.

For those who, like us, we like to know what we are eating, we have chosen natural ingredients in their manufacture, without preservatives or colorings.

As regular users of bars, we know how important it is not to get dirty while we eat. Therefore, we have designed our bars with a wafer, so you can enjoy all the taste without getting your hands dirty!

When designing the packaging, we also considered it to be easily opened. It is for this reason that the Sport Fuel bars are packed in a thin foil, which can be opened with your mouth helping with a hand. Ideal if you want to taste one while you’re riding your bike for example.

As athletes ourselves, we know how important it is to have a quick snack, you can handle and chew during exercise. That is why we have designed a thin, easy to chew and without crumbs bars.




Easy-open packaging, to open your bar while you exercise.


Designed with a thin outer wafer not to dirty your hands while eating


Designed to be easy to chew, a fine bar easy to taste while practicing exercise


Bars designed to enhance your athletic performance using only natural ingredients.