Our energy bars

According to a study by the University of Berkeley, the most important things to look at an energy bar are:
* Find an energy bar that has as first ingredients nuts, fruit or whole grains .
Our energy bars contain as main ingredients figs, dates, walnuts and almonds.
* Choose energy bars with fiber content, generally varies from 2 to 5 grams.
Our energy bars have 6 grams of fiber!
* They should have low amounts of saturated fats. Most bars usually have 2 to 5 grams.
Our energy bars have 0g saturated fat !
* Do not judge the energy bars by vitamins or minerals added. It is best to take these vitamins and minerals from natural sources.
Same as our energy bars! All natural!

Our recommendation would be to eat an energy bar 15 to 30 minutes before starting, as they are very easy to digest and contain both simple and complex sugars. They are also ideal to take during physical activity, as they have a high energy intake from carbohydrates.
Our bars are designed that way to help better digestion, also they don’t get crumbly when you eat them during exercise.
Our bars doesn’t have any additional supplement. All ingredients are from natural vegetable sources.
The packaging we use is designed to keep them in good condition for at least 9 months; You can extend their life shelf and flavor if you keep them in a dark, cool and dry place.
Size is aprox 8.5cm x 5cm

Date with nuts bar

€24box of 20 bars

  • High energy load
  • Ideal to eat before exercise

Fig and almonds bar

€24box of 20 bars

  • Quick assimilation
  • Ideal for medium-high intensity exercises

Orange and Almonds Bar

€24box of 20 bars

  • Less sugar
  • Intermediate energy

Pack of 4 boxes

€8080 bars

  • 4 boxes of 20 bars each
  • You can mix flavors